Wildnite - Wildnite (CD)

Wildnite released their critically acclaimed debut album on April 13th 2018. “Wildnite – Wildnite” is a straight-forward glam metal/sleaze rock record, with tons of catchy melodies and heavy riffs. The album got great reviews worldwide and was followed by a tour in eastern-europe.

149,- (NOK)

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Label: Self-Released

Rating: 4.5 / 6

The Norwegian glam rockers known as Wildnite are an interesting bunch of highly skilled and talented young dudes who are all about blowing your wrinkled ass to kingdom come with their infectious and irresistible songs filled with huge choruses, fist-pumping riffs, and great melodic hooks."Wildnite" presents us with nothing new or original, but that does not make it any less charming or cool. Musically and stylistically speaking, Wildnite bring to mind such acts as Def Leppard, early Guns ‘N Roses, Whitesnake (around the "Slip of the Tongue" album), and those awesome fuckers in that splendid Norwegian band named NiteRain. Luckily, Wildnite know how to vary their material and add some dynamics to their music, which entails that on top of kick-ass tunes such as "Into Your Eyes" and "Nitetime", one also gets slightly more emotionally charged and power ballad-like material ala "I Remember You". The production is quite appealing in that sounds slightly darker and more raw than that of most other glam rock outfits out there, which then in turn provides the album with a harder and more punchy edge not to mention that it sounds neither clinical nor sterile as a result thereof.A few of the ideas present on "Wildnite" do sound a bit derivative, but overall this is a most competent and solid effort and the mere fact that these guys are so young and basically started out like yesterday (metaphorically speaking, that is), it is truly amazing that they have managed to come up with an album that sounds as cohesive and confident as this self-titled debut of theirs does. There is definitely room for improvement in some departments, but the potential is downright frightening and it will probably not take these guys long to firmly establish a sound and an identity of their own. "Wildnite" is an entertaining musical ride and will inevitably bring a smile to your ugly mug thanks to its wicked melodies, catchy riffs, convincing vocals, and solid musicianship. Support these hard-rocking youngsters and buy this hellraising disc of theirs!

  1. I'll Be There
  2. Tears 'n Fire
  3. Rippin' It UP
  4. I Remember You
  5. Dr. Pain
  6. Into Your Eyes - 2018 Version
  7. Rock on the Radio
  8. Nitetime
  9. Back on the Bottle
  10. Rock It
  11. Days of No Trust
  12. Back for More